Chic Cover Contest & NYC

So I am super excited for next week, as I will be traveling to NYC for a little bit of work & a LOT of play!!! Manhatten is hands down, my favorite city in the world & I am so ready to take it on from a photographers point of view. I haven't visited since I was 18 & at the time I was considering becoming a fashion major - somehow I never knew photographer could be a career? Anywho, besides all of that amazingness to come, I am currently busting my butt to finish my work here so that I can relax while upstate (yes, I find NYC to be completely relaxing!) As I was scrolling through my facebook page tonight, I happend to run acrossed a post from Chic Critique about an upcoming cover contest for this fall! As I am in LOVE with their issues, I figured what the heck - this could be an amazing opportunity! So I've scrolled through my work & I've decided to submit this shot of Annaliese. :) Keep your fingers crossed for me!! 




I will have one more post from my visit to the farm with Jessica & Brian this week & then I am off into the city that never sleeps!!!