Jayde & Grady | Engagement

So the title of this blog post should be Jayde, Grady, Waylon, & Tucker because we had to incorporate their unbelievable cute & full of character four legged kids.. Waylon their weimaraner should be a poster child for William Wegman - I am not kidding. Wait till you see his face. Tucker the pitbull is one of those dogs that proves that this breed is NOT a danger. He was so sweet, a little scared in the beginning because he had to take his first ride on... get this.. an Air boat! Of course I was a little nervous too, as I have never been on an air boat before. Jayde had to ensure me that I would not lose a limb to any gators. :) 

So as our evening begin - mosquitoe-less, Grady drove us to an AMAZING location full of mangroves. This was before the torrential rain storms, so we were able to actually stand by the trees & they are so incredible gorgeous!! Of course soon after we were almost eaten alive by mosquitoes as the sun began to set, luckily we came prepared! 

After hitting that location, they took me to another secret spot, full of so much green & beauty! As a photographer in Florida, it is so HARD to find beauty in a lot of accessible areas.. 

With plenty of room to run, we played until the sun set.. like REALLY set. By time we left to head back it was pitch black & the only thing visible were the glowing eyeballs of gators.. lots of them.. HUGE ones. I thought it was so cool!!! Now I am set on getting an air boat one day, it was so much fun I couldn't even stand it!! :-D

So Jayde & Grady's friends like to rag on Jayde - claiming that she must tap dance while Grady is busy driving & doing all of the manly work on the boat.. I am assuming this is because Jayde seems to be a big girly girl.. But trust me, she got in the mud! I witnessed it!! :) 

Ahemmm...Priceless faces. Tucker is apparently putting his winky face on, while Waylon.. well let's leave it at - he's a character. haha! 


Now you think that looked like fun? Wait until next year.. Their wedding is going to be at the zoo!!! Yes, the ZOO!